Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any allergy warnings I should know about?

Most of the yarn used in our products is acrylic, which may set off a plastic allergy. The products also come from a house with six dogs, and although we try our best to keep them away from the items, anyone with severe dog allergies may want to use caution before buying our products.

What about washing instructions?

Most items shouldn't need to be washed, but if it ever comes up:

Items made with acrylic yarn can be put in the washer on a delicate cycle, but the water should not exceed a temperature of 104°F/40°C. It can be put in the dryer on low heat (although we recommend letting it air dry instead), but cannot be ironed or bleached.

Items made with cotton yarn (mini dishcloths, for example) can be put in the washer on a delicate cycle not exceeding 80°F/30°C. It can be put in the dryer on a delicate cycle with low heat, but cannot be ironed, bleached, or dry cleaned.

Do you take requests?

Not usually. While you are always welcome to message us with ideas of certain products you would like to see in our store, we do not accept custom orders based off of items not currently in our store.

How long will commissions (such as our basic beanie) take?

We strive to get orders out as soon as we can, but made to order items do take some time. This depends on the item, but any waiting times will be posted in each product description.

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Yes. All of our shipping options are calculated depending on the carrier, so all you need to do is input your address and preferred shipping method.

How long does it take to ship?

While we try to get orders to you as soon as possible, shipping is a process entirely based off of which service you choose. We can get your item(s) to the service as soon as next day, but the amount of time it takes for your item to ship depends entirely on which option you choose at checkout and how far your item needs to travel.